marp 一款基于 Electron 开发的 Markdown 编辑器,支持使用 Markdown 来编辑创建幻灯片并保

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Markdown presentation writer, powered by Electron .

marp 一款基于 Electron 开发的 Markdown 编辑器,支持使用 Markdown 来编辑创建幻灯片并保



:arrow_forward: Download latest archives from release page.

  • Windows : Unzip *.*.*-Marp-win32-[arch].zip and run Marp.exe .
  • Mac OS X : Mount *.*.*-Marp-darwin-x64.dmg , D&D Marp to Applications and run it from Applications folder / Launchpad. Or use Homebrew Cask : brew cask install marp
  • Linux : Unpack *.*.*-Marp-linux-[arch].tar.gz and run Marp .

How to write slides?

Split slides by horizontal ruler --- . It's very simple. Please refer to .

# Slide 1



# Slide 2


For developers

Getting started

npm install
npm start

Create release builds

gulp release

Please set application version in package.json .

OS specific


If you want to build for Windows in other platforms, please install Wine to rewrite Electron's resources.


To build for Darwin is only supported in OSX. Please installappdmg to create archive ( .dmg ) for Darwin release.

npm install appdmg


  • Don't add development dependency of appdmg to package.json . The release task would fail in other platforms.
  • gulp-appdmg is no longer in use since v0.0.4.


Copyright © 2016Yuki Hattori. This software released under theMIT License.

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