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上一篇,简单介绍了下Revel,这一篇我们看下 这个命令行工具。

go build -o bin/revel


yourihua@ubuntu:~/workplace/rhino/bin$ revel help
~ revel!
usage: revel command [arguments]

The commands are:

run run a Revel application
new create a skeleton Revel application
clean clean a Revel application’s temp files
package package a Revel application (e.g. for deployment)
test run all tests from the command-line

Use "revel help [command]" for more information.

从帮助可以知道关于run,new,clean等这几个简单的命令的用途,而更多详细的介绍可以使用:revel help [command]获得。

yourihua@ubuntu:~/workplace/rhino/bin$ revel help new
~ revel!
usage: revel new [path]

New creates a few files to get a new Revel application running quickly.

It puts all of the files in the given import path, taking the final element in
the path to be the app name.

For example:

revel new import/path/helloworld

yourihua@ubuntu:~/workplace/rhino/bin$ revel help clean
~ revel!
usage: revel clean [import path]

Clean the Revel web application named by the given import path.

For example:

revel clean

It removes the app/tmp directory.

yourihua@ubuntu:~/workplace/rhino/bin$ revel help package
~ revel!
usage: revel package [import path]

Package the Revel web application named by the given import path.
This allows it to be deployed and run on a machine that lacks a Go installation.

For example:

revel package

yourihua@ubuntu:~/workplace/rhino/bin$ revel help test
~ revel!
usage: revel test [import path] [run mode]

Run all tests for the Revel app named by the given import path.

For example, to run the booking sample application’s tests:

revel test dev

The run mode is used to select which set of app.conf configuration should
apply and may be used to determine logic in the application itself.

Run mode defaults to "dev".

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