Moustique: Linux Sockets上的高性能C ++ 14非阻塞IO

greenswan 发布于2年前


Moustique provide a coroutine-based interface to non-blocking/asyncronous read write operation on linux sockets.

Dependency: boost::context (-lboost_context), C++14.

Licence: MIT.

TCP echo example

#include "moustique.hh"

int main()
    const char* port = "1234";
         [] (int fd) { printf("lost connection: %i\n", fd); },
         [] (int fd, auto read, auto write) {
           printf("new connection: %i\n", fd);
           char buf[1024];
           int received;
           while (received = read(buf, sizeof(buf))) // Yield until new bytes
                                                     // get read from the socket.

             write(buf, received); // Yield until the socket is ready for a new data write.

Comparison with boost::asio TCP echo example [1]

- 5.5x less code to write.
- 7.5x faster compilation (6.1s vs 0.8s).
- 24x smaller binary size (20Kb vs 475Kb).
- Same performances.


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