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操作系统 : CentOS7.3.1611_x64

go语言版本:1.8.3 linux/amd64



influxd          influxdb服务器
influx           influxdb命令行客户端
influx_inspect   查看工具
influx_stress    压力测试工具
influx_tsm       数据库转换工具(将数据库从b1或bz1格式转换为tsm1格式)




[root@localhost ~]# influxd --help
Configure and start an InfluxDB server.

Usage: influxd [[command] [arguments]]

The commands are:

    backup               downloads a snapshot of a data node and saves it to disk
    config               display the default configuration
    help                 display this help message
    restore              uses a snapshot of a data node to rebuild a cluster
    run                  run node with existing configuration
    version              displays the InfluxDB version

"run" is the default command.

Use "influxd [command] -help" for more information about a command.
  • backup参数


[root@localhost ~]# influxd backup --help
Downloads a snapshot of a data node and saves it to disk.

Usage: influxd backup [flags] PATH

    -host <host:port>
            The host to connect to snapshot. Defaults to
    -database <name>
            The database to backup.
    -retention <name>
            Optional. The retention policy to backup.
    -shard <id>
            Optional. The shard id to backup. If specified, retention is required.
    -since <2015-12-24T08:12:23Z>
            Optional. Do an incremental backup since the passed in RFC3339
            formatted time.

backup: flag: help requested
  • config参数

显示InfluxDB默认参数,使用示例 :

influxd backup -host -database mydb -since 2015-12-24T08:12:23Z back1


  • help参数

显示帮助信息,使用示例 :influxd help

  • restore参数


[root@localhost ~]# influxd restore --help
Uses backups from the PATH to restore the metastore, databases,
retention policies, or specific shards. The InfluxDB process must not be
running during a restore.

Usage: influxd restore [flags] PATH

    -metadir <path>
            Optional. If set the metastore will be recovered to the given path.
    -datadir <path>
            Optional. If set the restore process will recover the specified
            database, retention policy or shard to the given directory.
    -database <name>
            Optional. Required if no metadir given. Will restore the database
            TSM files.
    -retention <name>
            Optional. If given, database is required. Will restore the retention policy's
            TSM files.
    -shard <id>
            Optional. If given, database and retention are required. Will restore the shard's
            TSM files.

restore: flag: help requested


influxd restore -database mydb -metadir /var/lib/influxdb/meta  -datadir /var/lib/influxdb/data/ back1


  • run参数

run为默认参数,在控制台直接输入 influxd 命令,实际上执行的是: influxd run

默认配置为INFLUXDB_CONFIG_PATH环境变量设置的的路径,或者~/.influxdb/influxdb.conf,或者 /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf


[root@localhost tsdbBin]# influxd run --help
Runs the InfluxDB server.

Usage: influxd run [flags]

    -config <path>
            Set the path to the configuration file.
            This defaults to the environment variable INFLUXDB_CONFIG_PATH,
            ~/.influxdb/influxdb.conf, or /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf if a file
            is present at any of these locations.
            Disable the automatic loading of a configuration file using
            the null device (such as /dev/null).
    -pidfile <path>
            Write process ID to a file.
    -cpuprofile <path>
            Write CPU profiling information to a file.
    -memprofile <path>
            Write memory usage information to a file.

run: flag: help requested

使用示例 :

influxd run -config default.conf : 使用default.conf中的配置启动InfluxDB

influxd run -pidfile /tmp/ : 启动InfluxDB并在/tmp/test1.pid文件中写入pid


  • version参数

显示版本信息,使用示例:influxd version



[root@localhost ~]# influx --help
Usage of influx:
       Display the version and exit.
  -host 'host name'
       Host to connect to.
  -port 'port #'
       Port to connect to.
  -database 'database name'
       Database to connect to the server.
  -password 'password'
      Password to connect to the server.  Leaving blank will prompt for password (--password '').
  -username 'username'
       Username to connect to the server.
        Use https for requests.
        Set this when connecting to the cluster using https and not use SSL verification.
  -execute 'command'
       Execute command and quit.
  -format 'json|csv|column'
       Format specifies the format of the server responses:  json, csv, or column.
  -precision 'rfc3339|h|m|s|ms|u|ns'
       Precision specifies the format of the timestamp:  rfc3339, h, m, s, ms, u or ns.
  -consistency 'any|one|quorum|all'
       Set write consistency level: any, one, quorum, or all
       Turns on pretty print for the json format.
       Import a previous database export from file
       How many points per second the import will allow.  By default it is zero and will not throttle importing.
       Path to file to import
       Set to true if the import file is compressed


    # Use influx in a non-interactive mode to query the database "metrics" and pretty print json:
    $ influx -database 'metrics' -execute 'select * from cpu' -format 'json' -pretty

    # Connect to a specific database on startup and set database context:
    $ influx -database 'metrics' -host 'localhost' -port '8086'

[root@localhost ~]#


influx :直接连接本机的8086端口

influx -version :显示版本信息并退出

influx -database 'mydb' -execute 'select * from cpu_load' : 执行单条指令并退出



[root@localhost ~]# influx_inspect help
Usage: influx_inspect [[command] [arguments]]

The commands are:

    dumptsm              dumps low-level details about tsm1 files.
    export               exports raw data from a shard to line protocol
    help                 display this help message
    report               displays a shard level report

"help" is the default command.

Use "influx_inspect [command] -help" for more information about a command.
[root@localhost ~]#
  • dumptsm参数


[root@localhost ~]# influx_inspect dumptsm --help
Dumps low-level details about tsm1 files.

Usage: influx_inspect dumptsm [flags] <path

            Dump raw index data
            Dump raw block data
            Dump all data. Caution: This may print a lot of information
    -filter-key <name>
            Only display index and block data match this key substring
[root@localhost ~]#


[root@localhost ~]# influx_inspect dumptsm -all /var/lib/influxdb/data/mydb/autogen/12/000000004-000000003.tsm
  File: /var/lib/influxdb/data/mydb/autogen/12/000000004-000000003.tsm
  Time Range: 2017-05-23T09:10:10.202006046Z - 2017-05-23T11:10:27.319302712Z
  Duration: 2h0m17.117296666s   Series: 1   File Size: 325


  Pos   Min Time                        Max Time                        Ofs     Size    Key                              Field
  1     2017-05-23T09:10:10.202006046Z  2017-05-23T09:14:50.532248441Z  5       41      cpu_load,host=server_1,region=us-west     value
  2     2017-05-23T09:26:34.541091603Z  2017-05-23T09:26:34.541091603Z  46      34      cpu_load,host=server_1,region=us-west     value
  3     2017-05-23T10:59:10.72052295Z   2017-05-23T10:59:10.72052295Z   80      34      cpu_load,host=server_1,region=us-west     value
  4     2017-05-23T11:10:02.987617654Z  2017-05-23T11:10:27.319302712Z  114     40      cpu_load,host=server_1,region=us-west     value
  Blk   Chk             Ofs     Len     Type    Min Time                        Points  Enc [T/V]       Len [T/V]
  0     1091651936      5       37      float64 2017-05-23T09:10:10.202006046Z  2       rle/gor         16/19
  1     1782732741      46      30      float64 2017-05-23T09:26:34.541091603Z  1       s8b/gor         9/19
  2     2962666225      121     30      float64 2017-05-23T10:59:10.72052295Z   1       s8b/gor         9/19
  3     1165672455      230     36      float64 2017-05-23T11:10:02.987617654Z  2       rle/gor         15/19

    Total: 4 Size: 149 Min: 30 Max: 37 Avg: 37
    Total: 4 Size: 163
    Total: 6
    Timestamp:  none: 0 (0%)    s8b: 2 (50%)    rle: 2 (50%)
    Float:      none: 0 (0%)    gor: 4 (100%)
    Per block: 24.83 bytes/point
    Total: 54.17 bytes/point
[root@localhost ~]#
  • export参数


[root@localhost ~]# influx_inspect export -database mydb -datadir /var/lib/influxdb/data/ -waldir /var/lib/influxdb/wal/ -out /tmp/export
writing out tsm file data for mydb/autogen...complete.
writing out wal file data for mydb/autogen...complete.
[root@localhost ~]# cat /tmp/export
# INFLUXDB EXPORT: 1677-09-21T08:12:43+08:00 - 2262-04-12T07:47:16+08:00
# writing tsm data
cpu_load,host=server_1,region=us-west value=0.2 1495530610202006046
cpu_load,host=server_1,region=us-west value=0.2 1495530890532248441
cpu_load,host=server_1,region=us-west value=0.2 1495531594541091603
cpu_load,host=server_1,region=us-west value=0.2 1495537150720522950
cpu_load,host=server_1,region=us-west value=0.2 1495537802987617654
cpu_load,host=server_1,region=us-west value=0.2 1495537827319302712
# writing wal data
[root@localhost ~]#
  • help


  • report


[root@localhost ~]# influx_inspect report /var/lib/influxdb/data/mydb/autogen/12/
File                    Series  Load Time
000000004-000000003.tsm 1       51.104µs

    Total (est): 1
Completed in 269.807µs
[root@localhost ~]#



[root@localhost ~]# influx_stress --help
Usage of influx_stress:
  -addr string
        IP address and port of database where response times will persist (e.g., localhost:8086) (default "http://localhost:8086")
  -config string
        The stress test file
  -cpuprofile filename
        Write the cpu profile to filename
  -database string
        name of database where the response times will persist (default "stress")
  -db string
        target database within test system for write and query load
  -retention-policy string
        name of the retention policy where the response times will persist
  -tags value
        A comma seperated list of tags
        Use version 2 of stress tool
[root@localhost ~]#



该可执行文件为InfluxDB数据库转换工具(将数据库从b1或bz1格式转换为tsm1格式,其中b1 和 bz1 为InfluxDB 0.9版中使用过的存储引擎格式),属于InfluxDB版本兼容系列的内容。



[root@localhost ~]# influx_tsm --help
Usage: influx_tsm [options] <data-path>

Convert a database from b1 or bz1 format to tsm1 format.

This tool will backup the directories before conversion (if not disabled).
The backed-up files must be removed manually, generally after starting up the
node again to make sure all of data has been converted correctly.

To restore a backup:
  Shut down the node, remove the converted directory, and
  copy the backed-up directory to the original location.

  -backup string
        The location to backup up the current databases. Must not be within the data directory.
  -dbs string
        Comma-delimited list of databases to convert. Default is to convert all databases.
  -debug string
        If set, http debugging endpoints will be enabled on the given address
  -interval duration
        How often status updates are printed. (default 5s)
        Disable database backups. Not recommended.
        Perform parallel conversion. (up to GOMAXPROCS shards at once)
  -profile string
        CPU Profile location
  -sz uint
        Maximum size of individual TSM files. (default 2147483648)
  -y    Don't ask, just convert

[root@localhost ~]#


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