Google 的 Java 核心库,Guava v23.2 正式发布

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Guava v23.2 已发布,Guava 是 Google 的一个开源项目,包含许多 Google 核心的 Java 常用库,如:集合 [collections] 、缓存 [caching] 、原生类型支持 [primitives support] 、并发库 [concurrency libraries] 、通用注解 [common annotations] 、字符串处理 [string processing] 、I/O 等等。


  • base: Deprecated built-in CharMatchers which cannot work as expected because the API does not support supplementary code points.

  • collect: Fixed #2962

  • collect: Fixed a bug in HashBiMap.inverse().forcePut()

  • graph: Added implementation for common.graph.Traverser, a new class that provides efficient breadth-first and depth-first traversal of graphs and trees. It should be used in place of common.collect.TreeTraverser, which will be deprecated.

  • graph: Fixed regression in ValueGraph.edgeValueOrDefault() (from Guava 23) that caused it sometimes to return null instead of the default value.

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