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  1. 外媒评选的各项最佳Android Wear智能手表

  2. Google介绍Peer Grouping技术细节:如何筛选恶意Android应用

  3. 疑似Google Pixel XL(2017)新机渲染图曝光

  4. Android 7.1新增Panic Detection:屏幕劫持狂按后退后可强制执行

  5. [视频]Google Blocks让你在VR中轻松创建3D物体


  1. 手把手教你使用Systrace(二)——锁优化

  2. 全面剖析SharedPreferences

  3. android-interview-questions

开源库 & App

  1. AdaptiveIconPlayground

    An Android app for experimenting with Adaptive Icons.

  2. SlidingUpPanelLayout


  3. Turn Layout Manager

    A carousel layout manager for RecyclerView

  4. RlowR

    FlowR is a wrapper class around the Fragment Manager. It's mainly used to navigate between different fragments easily while providing a wide range of functionality.

  5. BadgeView

    支持自由定制外观、拖拽消除的 MaterialDesign 风格 Android BadgeView

  6. VerticalTabLayout


  7. FABsMenu

    Just a simple library to use a menu of FloatingActionButtons from Design Support Library that follows Material Design guidelines

  8. RubberStamp

    RubberStamp is an Android library that makes it easy for you to add a watermark to your images. :mailbox:

  9. Luhn

    Smooth UI for Credit Card Entry on Android device, perform check for supported credit card types , pan length and luhn check. Inspired by Uber credit card entry interface

  10. RichPath

    :muscle: Rich Android Path. �� Draw as you want. :tada: Animate much as you can.

  11. Sketch


  12. JsCrawler

    可以通过加载外部 js 脚本实现抓取网页内容并解析,可以动态更新脚本并做到需要更新 app 即可重新适配展示内容的一个框架。


  1. Drawable Optimizer

    Gradle plugin to optimize png files and reduce resultant apk size within an Android project.

  2. SlidesCodeHighlighter

    A little web app that helps you copy+paste syntax-highlighted code into slide decks.

  3. Devknox

    Devknox is a developer friendly Android Studio plugin that helps Android developers detect and resolve security issues in their apps, while writing code.

  4. Apk DeGuard

    DeGuard reverses the process of obfuscation performed by Android obfuscation tools. This enables numerous security analyses, including code inspection and predicting libraries.

  5. Key promoter

    Shows to user how easy he can make same action using only keyboard(menus and toolbar button mouse clicks initiates shortcut display)

  6. gka



  1. android-interview-questions


  1. HenCoder Android 开发进阶: 自定义 View 1-2 Paint 详解

    扔物线 辞职在家憋了一年的大招,良心之作。


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