Go 的全堆栈 Web 框架,Revel v0.17.1 发布

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Revel 是Go 的全堆栈 Web 框架,灵感来自 Java 的 Play Framework。


Revel v0.17 和 v0.17.1 已发布,本次更新没有重大更改,详细如下:


  • Critical issue identified details here #1200



  • add-validation

  • i18-lang-by-param

  • Added namespace to routes, controllers

  • Added go 1.6 to testing

  • Adds the ability to set the language by a url parameter. The route file will need to specify the parameter so that it will be picked up

  • Changed url validation logic to regex

  • Added new validation mehtods (IPAddr,MacAddr,Domain,URL,PureText)


  • no changes


  • no changes


  • Added Gorm module


  • Updated cron task manager

  • Added ability to run a specific job, reschedules job if cron is running.


  • Gorm module (Example)



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