GitLab 9.3.4 发布,项目管理和代码托管平台

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GitLab 9.3.4 社区版和企业版已发布,解决了 9.3.2 版本和更早版本中的一些 regressions 和 bug,以及不对外发布的 9.3.3 版本(#2822)的一个修正。


  • CE/EE: Fix head pipeline stored in merge request for external pipelines (!12478)

  • CE/EE: Bring back branches badge to main project page (!12548)

  • CE/EE: Fix diff of requirements.txt file by not matching newlines as part of package names (!12495)

  • CE/EE: Perform housekeeping only when an import of a fresh project is completed (!12529)

  • CE/EE: Fix issue boards closed list not showing all closed issues (!12271)

  • CE/EE: Fix multi-line markdown tooltip buttons in issue edit form (!12549)

  • CE/EE: Display no error message if user is not logged in when using issuable search bar (!12415)

  • CE/EE: Adds missing encoding coercion calls on Gitaly ref responses (!12522)

  • CE/EE: Fix scroll flicker on pages with a sidebar where viewport overflows (!12501)

  • CE/EE: Prevent top of Job trace page being obscured when a banner is active (!12556)

  • CE/EE: Update gitlab-shell to 5.1.1 (gitlab-shell!142)

  • EE: Add metrics to both remote and non remote mirroring (!2118)

  • EE: Force import worker with mirror to insert mirror in front of queue (!2231)

  • EE: Fix locked and stale SSH keys file from 9.3.0 upgrade (!2240)

  • EE: Fix crash in LDAP sync when user was removed (!2289)

  • EE: Allow rebase for unapproved merge requests (!2273)

  • EE: Geo - Fix path_with_namespace for instances of Geo::DeletedProject (!2267)

  • EE: Fix shared runners minutes query to update only projects with used allowance (!2275)

  • Omnibus: Allow sidekiq-cluster to run without having sidekiq enabled (omnibus-gitlab!1691)

  • Omnibus: Remove outdated Mattermost v2 DB upgrade code (omnibus-gitlab!1689)

  • Omnibus: Switch postgresql['custom_pg_hba_entries'] from Array to Hash (omnibus-gitlab!1682)



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