PHP 的 MVC 框架,CodeIgniter 3.1.3 发布

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CodeIgniter 3.1.3 发布了,CodeIgniter 是一个简单快速的 PHP MVC 框架。该版本带来了一些关键的安全性修复,以及许多的错误修复。

  • 安全:修复了电子邮件的处理问题,XSS 漏洞以及一些 CSRF 强化

  • Bug 修复:针对数据库,电子邮件,文件上传,图像处理,输入,加载器,输出,查询生成器,会话和 XML-RPC 库;以及 Date 帮助程序和引导程序文件进行了修复



  • Fixed an XSS vulnerability in Security Library method xss_clean().

  • Fixed a possible file inclusion vulnerability in Loader Library method vars().

  • Fixed a possible remote code execution vulnerability in the Email Library when ‘mail’ or ‘sendmail’ are used (thanks to Paul Buonopane from NamePros).

  • Added protection against timing side-channel attacks in Security Library method csrf_verify().

  • Added protection against BREACH attacks targeting the CSRF token field generated by Form Helper function form_open().

  • General Changes

    • Deprecated $config['allow_get_array'].

    • Deprecated $config['standardize_newlines'].

    • Deprecated Date Helper function nice_date().

3.1.3 版本的 Bug 修复

  • Fixed a bug (#4886) - Database Library didn’t differentiate bind markers inside double-quoted strings in queries.

  • Fixed a bug (#4890) - XML-RPC Library didn’t work on PHP 7.

  • Fixed a regression (#4887) - File Uploading Library triggered fatal errors due to numerous PHP distribution channels (XAMPP and cPanel confirmed) explicitly disabling ext/fileinfo by default.

  • Fixed a bug (#4679) - Input Library method ip_address() didn’t properly resolve $config['proxy_ips'] IPv6 addresses.

  • Fixed a bug (#4902) - Image Manipulation Library processing via ImageMagick didn’t work.

  • Fixed a bug (#4905) - Loader Library didn’t take into account possible user-provided directory paths when loading helpers.

  • Fixed a bug (#4916) - Session Library with sess_match_ip enabled was unusable for IPv6 clients when using the ‘database’ driver on MySQL 5.7.5+.

  • Fixed a bug (#4917) - Date Helper function nice_date() didn’t handle YYYYMMDD inputs properly.

  • Fixed a bug (#4923) - Session Library could execute an erroneous SQL query with the ‘database’ driver, if the lock attempt times out.

  • Fixed a bug (#4927) - Output Library method get_header() returned the first matching header, regardless of whether it would be replaced by a second set_header() call.

  • Fixed a bug (#4844) - Email Library didn’t apply escapeshellarg() to the while passing the Sendmail -f parameter through popen().

  • Fixed a bug (#4928) - the bootstrap file didn’t check if config/constants.php exists before trying to load it.

  • Fixed a bug (#4937) - Image Manipulation Library method initialize() didn’t translate new_image inputs to absolute paths.

  • Fixed a bug (#4941) - Query Builder method order_by() didn’t work with ‘RANDOM’ under the ‘pdo/sqlite’ driver.

  • Fixed a regression (#4892) - Query Builder method update_batch() didn’t properly handle identifier escaping.

  • Fixed a bug (#4953) - Database Forge method create_table() didn’t update an internal tables list cache if it exists but is empty.

  • Fixed a bug (#4958) - Query Builder method count_all_results() didn’t take into account cached ORDER BY clauses.

  • Fixed a bug (#4804) - Query Builder method insert_batch() could fail if the input array pointer was modified.

  • Fixed a bug (#4962) - Database Force method alter_table() would fail with the ‘oci8’ driver.

  • Fixed a bug (#4457) - Image Manipulation Library method get_image_properties() didn’t detect invalid images.

  • Fixed a bug (#4765) - Email Library didn’t send the User-Agent header without a prior call to clear().




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